Secretary Kemp Reminds Corporate Customers
of Annual Registration Renewal Deadline

Secretary Kemp Alerts Georgia Corporations About Solicitations

Take advantage of our new help e-mail: Customers can submit assistance requests for the new site and any concerns regarding specific entities or work orders. Please make sure to provide a full description of your need and a control number or work order ID. Providing this information ensures a prompt and complete response to your needs.

Corporations Processing Dates
Filing Type   Oldest Filing Dates:
Hard Copy Filings : All 11/19/2013
Online Filings: Limited Liability Companies 12/20/2013
  Non-Profit 12/12/2013
  For Profit 12/04/2013
  Limited Partnership 12/18/2013
  Limited Liability Partnership N/A
  Professional 12/18/2013
  Name Reservations 12/24/2013

Corporations Site Availability

The Secretary of State’s Corporations Division is currently upgrading the online filing & search features in an effort to provide both new and improved services to Georgia businesses. During the transition only limited online services are available via the below link.

Online Services FAQ - Please Read (PDF Format)

Currently available online features include Initial Filings for domestic entities and Annual Registrations for all of the following entities:

  For Profit Corporations

  Non-Profit Corporations

  Limited Liability Companies

  Limited Partnerships

  Professional Corporations

Other currently available services include Certified Copies, Certificates of Existence and Name Reservations.

Please visit to search for historical items.

To access the pre-filled and printable annual registration for use via our mail-in option please visit Note that you are being directed to our new Corporations software cGov. If you have not accessed the system previously you will need to create a user name and password.

All services are still being offered via mail or in-person at our Atlanta, Macon, or Tifton offices.

If you need assistance navigating the new site or encounter technical errors with the currently available online features, please contact our support staff at 404-656-2817.


Georgia corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships are formed by filing with the Corporations Division. Some foreign (out of state) entities that do business in the state of Georgia are required to file with the Corporations Division. The Division serves as custodian of the filings and provides copies and/or certifications of the documents. As an administrative filing agency, the Division does not have authority to intervene in disputes between consumers and businesses, disputes between businesses, or disputes between shareholders, members, officers or other persons involved in an enterprise.

Information provided on this site should aid in the process of forming a business entity. While simple to form, the question of whether or not a particular entity should be formed is complex. The Corporations Division recommends that the decision to establish a legal entity be made in consultation with an attorney and an accountant.

Important announcement regarding reinstatement of a domestic corporation or limited liability companies
Request for Reinstatement Application for Administratively Dissolved Entities
(Adobe Reader Required)
Renew your Annual Registration Online How to Incorporate or File a LLC
File your Name Reservation Online How to change a Corporation Name
File your Corporation Online How to Dissolve a Corporation
Corporation Filing Fees How to Dissolve a LLC
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